a botanical hard seltzer brand identity made by me from ~scratch~
Crafting the perfect brand identity for a hard seltzer requires an eye for design and a deep understanding of the beverage market. As a graphic designer passionate about package design, capturing this brand's essence and transforming it into a cohesive brand was an absolute joy. Through meticulous research and exploration, I uncovered the essence of the product – a fusion of natural botanicals and refreshing bubbles. My creative process involved brainstorming captivating names, illustrating logos, and crafting color palettes that evoke a sense of freshness and excitement. Each element of the brand identity, from the typography to the packaging design, and hand illustration was created to resonate with my target audience of adults aged 21-40, socially active individuals, health-conscious consumers, and those who appreciate vibrant aesthetics and exotic flavors. The end result was SYZY: a fun and upbeat brand identity that not only reflects the spirit of the hard seltzer but also captures the attention of consumers in a crowded market, setting the stage for a successful and memorable brand experience.

Just a taste of the branding elements created to bring SYZY to life

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Me at my 2023 capstone show displaying my final SYZY brand project with the real finished seltzers!

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