Hello & welcome to my site!
I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest in Oregon (about an hour south of Portland). Ever since I was a little girl I have always been an artist at heart; from scribbling on walls and painting rocks to eventually having my pieces commissioned to real organizations and winning awards. I decided to become a designer because of my pure passion for art + structure. 
I believe being a designer is not just about creating beautiful work. It is about creating a measurable impact on the world: one that inspires, sparks wonder, and makes life just a little bit easier.
Our legacy is not just about the work we create but also about the lives we touch. It is about creating something that resonates deep down, evokes emotions, and inspires positive change. It is about using our talents and abilities to leave a lasting mark on the lives of those around us.
Feel free to poke around and if you have any inquiries, my contact information is available below.